Sealants for Extra Protection

We highly value preventive care at All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach. Since children are especially at risk for developing caries, they are often provided with sealants to protect their teeth. But sealants can work for people of any age, which is why we want our patients to understand what they are and why they may need them.

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria consuming food debris and excreting acid. The longer food remains in contact with the teeth, the more decay can occur. Our chewing teeth, the molars and premolars, are especially at risk because food gets lodged in the indentations in between their cusps. Although regular brushing should be sufficient to remove the food debris in most people, children are not always good brushers, and people with certain conditions, such as dry mouth, may experience tooth decay at faster rates.

A sealant is a plastic coating that protects the enamel from acid. After the patient is numbed and their teeth are mildly etched to increase their surface area, the liquid coating can be painted on. It is then hardened with a blue light, and the patient can expect to resume eating normally the following day. A person still needs to brush and floss their teeth thoroughly to avoid tooth decay, but sealants are also effective against the acidic content of drinks such as soda and citrus juices and can provide supplementary protection for years after being applied.

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