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Flossing for Kids

Flossing can be a chore for anyone. But for young children uninterested in dental hygiene, it’s even harder to instill good habits for healthy teeth. Drs. Joseph and Julie Boulos of All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, CA offer expert care for all things teeth, including the littlest of patients. Here are some tips and tricks to get your kids excited about flossing!

Gather the Tools

You may be tempted to use your floss from your cupboard. But to instill lifelong healthy habits, your child should have a positive first impression. Let your son or daughter pick out their floss at the store. There are many flavors and colors designed to be attractive to young children. Choose soft pliable floss instead of stiff dental threads to ensure a pain-free experience.

Make It a Game
It’s difficult for younger children to understand the benefits of flossing. Play a catchy song or interactive video to capture interest while they floss. Involve the tooth fairy and include rewards like gold stickers as incentives for your child. There are also many apps and websites designed specifically to educate kids about brushing and flossing in a fun way. 

Join Them 

Make flossing an activity that everyone in the family does together. Children learn from an example, so this is a great time to be a positive role model.

 Use the C-Shape Technique

Your Pacific Beach, CA dentists recommend the C-shape technique for flossing. Guide your child’s fingers to make a C-shape around the side of a tooth. Gently glide your floss between both sides of the teeth until they can follow along on their own.

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