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Tips for Tongue Hygiene

So you brush and floss your teeth two to three times a day as is recommended. That’s great! But did you know that you should also be brushing your tongue? Just as your teeth and braces are covered in food and bacteria throughout the day, so is your tongue. Your tongue has its own nooks and crannies that it could be carrying just as much bacteria as your teeth. This creates the perfect environment for bad breath. All Coast Dental in Pacific, CA, has a couple of tips to get you on the right track to good tongue hygiene.

We know what you’re thinking, “isn’t my tongue cleaned enough with toothpaste and a good rinse?” Unfortunately, like your teeth need a good scrubbing to get them clean, so does your tongue. That buildup on your tongue is so tough to remove that even mouthwash doesn’t always do the job. If anything, mouthwash successfully removes the top layer of bacteria, but what’s underneath can still thrive. The bacteria can lead to not only bad breath but tooth damage.

Every time you brush your teeth, brush back and forth and side to side on your tongue to remove some of that buildup, then rinse with water. Be careful not to over brush though, it would be very uncomfortable if you broke the skin! Just a gentle yet thorough brushing will do the trick. Some people prefer tongue scrapers, though there is no proven evidence that tongue scrapers prevent bad breath. 

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