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Laser Gum Surgery

If you’ve been looking for a more comfortable experience at the dental office, All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach is the place for you. Our doctors run a close-knit family practice where we utilize the latest technology to provide general dental care comfortably and efficiently. Among the specialized tools we use is a laser cutter for work with soft tissues. Since many people are still new to laser dentistry, we thought it would be a good idea to explain more about how laser gum surgery works, and what it’s benefits are.

There are frequently occasions in dentistry in which it is necessary to cut gum tissue. This may be because folds in the gum tissue are interfering with the placement of a denture, because they’re partially covering an impacted tooth, because they’ve become infected with bacteria, or because they need to be moved so a dentist can work on the tooth roots. A dentist may also need to cut sutures after the gum tissue heals from an earlier incision, and may use a laser to reduce the size of  cold sore.

Lasers work by vibrating the water and hemoglobin in red blood cells to break them apart. Unlike metal cutting tools, lasers cauterize the tissues they ablate. This reduces the risk of infection and results in less bleeding, as the incisions will clot more quickly. Sometimes, it also means patients won’t need as many sutures. Patients may still require local anesthesia when undergoing laser treatment, but because the laser also seals nerve endings, they tend to experience less soreness afterward. Many people who feel anxiety about dental visits also find that the laser looks less intimidating than traditional tools, and are more willing to get vital work done.

Drs. Julie and Joseph Boulos operate All Coast Dental at 2180 Garnet Ave, Suite 1-K, Pacific Beach, California, 92109. To schedule an appointment, call 858-270-4904 or visit All Coast Dental and fill out a contact sheet.

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