Importance of Periodontal Health

In California, Dr. Joseph Boulos and Dr. Julie Boulos of All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, CA, assist their patients with gum disease to understand periodontal health and dental hygiene. Their full-service dental practice offers both general and cosmetic dentistry.  

Having healthy gums

Periodical health begins with having healthy gums. This is not an easy task, but it is a worthwhile one and by following a few simple guidelines, you can have and maintain healthy gums. 

Brush your teeth It is important to brush your teeth twice a day and to brush them correctly. Start by using a brush with soft bristles and fluoride toothpaste. Hold the brush at a 45-degree angle with your teeth. Don't forget to clean the inside of your front teeth and change your toothbrush frequently. 

Floss daily The ADA recommends that you floss your teeth daily. It helps to remove the food from between your teeth and can reduce the amount of tartar that builds up. 

Use therapeutic mouthwash  A therapeutic mouthwash is not just to freshen your breath, it should help prevent gum disease and reduce the amount of plaque on your teeth. Your dentist may opt to give you a prescription for mouthwash. 

Get dental checkups You need to do your part to have healthy gums but you still need to visit your dentist regularly to get checkups. They can find any areas of inflammation in your gums so that you can focus on that area. 

Stop smoking Smoking is dangerous for so many different things, and it is also bad for your periodontal health. 

Why periodontal health is important

More adults lose their teeth to periodontal disease than any other cause. When your gums get diseased they no longer provide the support your teeth require and the teeth can loosen. Eventually, the tooth will fall out. While this is serious, it isn't the most important reason for keeping your gums healthy. Dr. Joseph Boulos and Dr. Julie Boulos of All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, CA, help California residents understand periodontal health, gum disease and dental hygiene. 

If periodontal disease goes untreated for years, it may put you at risk for more serious illnesses. These include heart disease, chronic lung disease, pregnancy complications and even dementia. While pariodenal disease doesn't cause these diseases, they all include inflammation as a common denominator. 

California residents have Dr. Joseph Boulos and Dr. Julie Boulos of All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, CA to explain dental hygiene and potential issues with gum disease and periodontal health. We are accepting new patients and can be reached at  (858) 270-4904 or you can sign up to get our email updates on our website. 

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