Teeth Whitening

Our teeth are the first thing that people notice in our smile. Our teeth also reflect many of our habits, such as hygiene, smoking, and what we drink (coffee, soda, wine, etc.). Certain genetic factors can also lead to naturally darker teeth. Dr. Joseph Boulos of All Coast Dental, serving Pacific Beach, CA, has multiple teeth whitening options for California residents.

What Darkens Teeth?

Our teeth are designed to be mostly white in the beginning. The various things that we eat and drink naturally darken them over time. This is especially true of darker and acidic foods and drinks, such as red wine and grape juice, coffee/tea, and cola. 

Other things consumed, though not eaten, can also stain teeth. This includes smoking, chewing (tobacco and gum), and dipping.

Teeth also yellow naturally over age.

Best Teeth Whitening Ideas


The first step in white teeth is the most important - keep them white from the start. Avoid habits that are known to stain teeth (such as smoking). Minimize consumption of foods that stain. If possible, consider using a straw when drinking dark beverages.


There are several types of toothpastes to cover a variety of needs. The most important thing is to brush regularly, even if you don’t know which paste is the best for you. A wet paper towel rubbed over your teeth after a meal does more to clean them than doing nothing.

Also be sure to lightly brush your gums. This helps to keep them healthy as they hold your teeth in place and feed them the nutrients they need.

Home-Use Items

Many people like to add baking soda to their toothpaste to enhance the whitening.

There are several at-home whitening kits available for sale. Many of these are up to personal preference and results vary greatly. A dentist could recommend one that is most suited to your needs.


There is no substitute for the person with the knowledge and the means to do the best teeth whitening job. Dentists have access to higher grades of cleaning agents that can be less abrasive to teeth than over-the-counter agents.

If you are in the Pacific Beach, California, area and have questions about teeth whitening and if Dr. Joseph Boulos can help you, call 858-270-4904 to schedule a consultation with All Coast Dental today.

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