Tooth Extractions

Are you concerned about tooth extractions or have questions? Our tooth extraction FAQ can help you understand. At All Coast Dental, we’re here for the Pacific Beach CA area with Dr. Joseph Boulos and Dr. Julie Boulos. Give the office a call at 858-270-4904 for information.

When should you have tooth extractions?

There are several reasons that a tooth extraction may be suggested. If there is overcrowding or if there are impacted wisdom teeth, we may suggest extraction to help heal your mouth. If you have broken teeth or dental decay, this is another option. Lastly, periodontal disease makes teeth loosen and that can cause a need for extraction.

About tooth extractions

Simple extractions will need a gum numbing local anesthesia and the tooth is pulled with special orthotic dental pliers. There is then gum sanitizing and possible stitches made.

Surgical extractions are complicated and you will be sedated. This may be needed for wisdom teeth or for teeth that are in very bad states of disarray. 

Tooth extraction healing process

Recovering from tooth extractions take about 7-14 days but may take longer depending on your circumstances. A blood clot will form where the tooth was and that helps the healing process. Keeping this clot is important as losing it may cause a condition called “dry socket”. Dry socket will cause pain and may disrupt the healing process. 

You’ll need to adhere to your aftercare instructions to make sure you are healing properly. You may have swelling and slight bleeding for 24 hours or so afterwards. You’ll need to watch for signs of infection and call the office should infection set in or if you’re still bleeding after a day.

Tooth Extractions in Pacific Beach California

Dr. Joseph Boulos and Dr. Julie Boulos can help calm your fears about tooth extraction and consult with you about what you will need in your specific circumstances. We can go over options and help you make an informed decision for your oral health. Give All Coast Dental a call at 858-270-4904.

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