Extraction Site Preservation

When a tooth is removed, a space is left behind in the dental arch. Without any intervention, the teeth and jaw bone will shift around this space which causes further issues down the line. Here at All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, CA, we provide several solutions to this issue as part of the patient's extraction treatment plan. You can trust our California doctors, Dr. Joseph Boulos and Dr. Julie Boulos, to provide you with the high quality care you deserve!


Dental bridges are essentially prosthetic teeth. We use them to replace missing teeth by simply molding them to the mouth and attaching them to crowns or other fixtures called abutments on the nearby remaining teeth. Bridges can improve the smile's aesthetic, as well as restoring biting and chewing functions. They also serve to preserve the tooth extraction site, keeping the remaining teeth from shifting. Here at All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, CA, Dr. Joseph Boulos and Dr. Julie Boulos provide their California patients with temporary bridges while the permanent ones are being created.


Dental implants are also prosthetic teeth, but they differ from bridges in that a small metal post is first surgically inserted into the jaw bone. After it heals in place, the artificial tooth is attatched, restoring the mouth's function. It is important for a patient to have a strong jaw bone if they opt for an implant to preserve the tooth extraction site to prevent other complications.

Risks of No Intervention

If no intervention is done to prevent extraction site complications, there will be a handful of potential issues. First, the remaining teeth will shift to accommodate the space. This causes a change in the bite, which may lead to difficulty chewing and speaking. The gap left by the root of the extracted tooth may lead the jaw bone to degenerate, which will cause both functional and aesthetic issues. All in all, not preserving a tooth extraction site leads to functional and aesthetic issues. It may impair biting, chewing, speaking, and the patient's satisfaction with their smile.

If you're in need of an extraction or have recently had one without preservation, you should get into the dentist ASAP to prevent any degradation issues. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Julie Boulos or Dr. Joseph Boulos here at All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, CA, call (858) 270-4904, or submit a request online by following this link. We look forward to helping our California patients with all their tooth extraction site preservation needs!

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