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  • Dental Bonding
    Whether you’ve chipped a tooth or just don’t like the way yours are shaped, we provide a wide range of restorative treatments at All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach. Our Read more
  • Acid Reflux and Teeth
    There are many reasons why you may be suffering from sensitive teeth, including decay, nighttime grinding, and gum recession. But there is also a significant chance that the problem is Read more
  • Tray Whitening
    Do you feel comfortable with your smile? Are you eager to show your teeth when you have your picture taken? We hope the answer is yes. At All Coast Dental Read more
  • Reasons for Root Canals
    We strive to provide patients with comfortable, compassionate dentistry at All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach. When a patient is facing a serious problem such as infected dental pulp, we’ll Read more
  • Laser Gum Surgery
    If you’ve been looking for a more comfortable experience at the dental office, All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach is the place for you. Our doctors run a close-knit family Read more
  • Dry Socket Prevention
    Extracting teeth isn’t something we do lightly at All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, but it is something we try to make as quick and painless for the patient as Read more
  • Bridges
    One of the oldest kinds of prosthetics in dentistry is the bridge. These fused crowns are used to repair multiple teeth at once, and when they’re taken care of, they Read more
  • Peri-Implantitis
    Gingivitis, or gum inflammation, is always worth your attention. Although it is common, it typically indicates a progressing infection under the gum line, and may turn into the more serious Read more
  • Decay in Tooth Roots
    Tooth decay is always a major concern. Not only is it painful, it is caused by an infection that could eventually reach the tooth’s pulp chamber. From there, it would Read more
  • Checking for Bite Problems
    Are you able to chew comfortably? Does your jaw move smoothly and evenly? And are you satisfied with the alignment of your teeth? If the answer to any of these Read more
  • What Causes Halitosis?
    Are you satisfied with your smile? Before you answer, remember that satisfaction includes your feeling about how your mouth smells, and not just how it looks. At All Coast Dental Read more
  • What can I do about Sensitive Teeth?
    When the clocks spring ahead, warmer weather will soon be upon us. We at All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach hope that you’re looking forward to icy treats in the Read more
  • Children's Dental Health Month
    Children are especially vulnerable to tooth decay, and during this strange past year, a lot of their health routines got disrupted. At All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, we want Read more
  • When to Change a Toothbrush
    Your toothbrush can’t last forever. You probably already knew that, but you might be unsure about when you should replace it. When you visit All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach Read more
  • Getting Crowns
    If you’ve chipped your enamel or developed a cavity, a filling may be able to get your tooth back in working order. But if a tooth is significantly damaged, you Read more

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