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Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Also called early childhood caries (ECC), bottle mouth, and infant caries, baby bottle tooth decay occurs when a child’s teeth come into contact too often with sugary snacks and drinks. This includes milk and infant formula. We at All Coast Dental in Pacific, CA, are committed to educating parents about helping their children develop good oral hygiene habits. The earlier good habits are instilled, the more likely children will maintain them through adulthood. 

The complications that arise from baby bottle tooth decay can be as severe as your child not developing speech properly. This is a serious problem since children are essentially sponges, taking in information and constantly learning. Baby bottle tooth decay can make speech development difficult with nasty infections and chronic pain. 

Prevent baby bottle tooth decay by:

-Flossing your child’s teeth after they’ve all grown in

-Brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they start growing in

-Taking your child to regular dentist check-ups

-Encouraging healthy eating habits

-Limiting your child’s sugar intake

-Teaching your child how to drink from a cup at six months of age

-Weaning your child off the pacifier

-Wiping your infant’s gums after a feeding

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