What is a Panorex?

Panorex X-rays give our Pacific Beach, CA, dentists an in-depth image of your oral cavity and surrounding structures. This panoramic x-ray lets Dr. Joseph Boulos and Dr. Julie Boulos of All Coast Dental view your head, neck, and jaw to assess your overall dental health better.

Below we will discuss some of the main benefits of these panoramic x-rays in Pacific Beach, California.

It's a Full Mouth X-Ray

Panorex dental X-rays provide a comprehensive view of your mouth and surrounding bones, helping diagnose cysts, tumors, impacted teeth, jaw disorders, and other issues not visible on standard radiographs.

Unlike traditional X-rays that require a film to be placed inside your mouth, a panoramic X-ray is extraoral and straightforward. Thus, digital panoramic x-rays are more convenient for patients with gag reflexes since placing the film into your mouth is unnecessary.

During imaging, a small burst of light rotates in a semicircle around your head to take digital images. Images captured from x-rays are stored electronically for easy viewing and comparison. 

In addition, the captured images serve as a baseline of your oral health, helping our dentists create customized treatment plans while monitoring progress throughout those treatments. 

For instance, x-rays may be employed to evaluate bone levels around the nasal sinuses before someone is considered for dental implants - this allows us to determine which kind of implant best meets your requirements.

It's Painless and Safe

The Panorex x-ray is a non-invasive imaging device that rotates around your head without pain or discomfort. 

This cutting-edge technology will give our dental team the most precise picture of your mouth and surrounding structures. Furthermore, these digital x-rays use less radiation than their analog counterparts.

At All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, California, Dr. Joseph Boulos and Dr. Julie Boulos can help you select the ideal imaging technology for your unique requirements. 

Getting all of this information upfront makes all the difference in maintaining optimal oral health. 

It's Faster and More Accurate

Instead of taking a traditional film picture that takes minutes to develop, this machine takes an image of your head that can be viewed within seconds. 

This advanced technology provides an accurate tool that helps us detect structural problems, infections, tumors, or asymmetry that could be causing tooth pain or other dental issues.

In practice, our doctors use X-rays to identify the position of wisdom teeth and create a treatment plan for oral surgery procedures and restorations such as dentures or braces. 

Call All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, CA, at (858) 270-4904 to schedule your Panorex X-rays with Dr. Joseph Boulos and Dr. Julie Boulos during your next visit.

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