What Are the Advantages of Clear Braces?

Whether a teenager or an adult, clear braces from Dr. Joseph Boulos and Dr. Julie Boulos can give you the smile of your dreams, one significant advantage of ceramic braces from All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, CA, is that they are nearly undetectable compared to metal braces.

Below we will discuss some of the main benefits of these braces over metal braces. 

They Are Virtually Invisible

Clear braces, also referred to as ceramic braces, offer an effective alternative to metal braces. These brackets and wires are made of translucent or tooth-colored materials, so they blend in with your smile for minimal visibility.

Thus, ceramic braces offer an ideal solution for adults and teenagers who want to straighten their teeth without the visible appearance of metal braces. 

The mechanism behind ceramic braces is that a thin wire runs through the clear or tooth-colored brackets and tightens to straighten your teeth over time. Most patients wear braces for 12-24 months, depending on the severity of their dental alignment issues.

Fortunately, you can ask specific questions to address any concerns during your consultation with Dr. Joseph Boulos and Dr. Julie Boulos at All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, California, before deciding on this treatment option.

They Are More Comfortable and Hygienic 

Metal braces can be more abrasive on your teeth than ceramic braces, making them less comfortable for many people.

Another advantage of ceramic braces is their hygienic nature. In addition, since they are made of ceramic, they provide increased resistance to staining and tooth decay.

These braces are also less likely to cause gum irritation because the wires used with these orthodontic instruments don't come directly into contact with soft tissue in the mouth. This can be especially helpful for people in Pacific Beach, California, who already experience irritated or sensitive gums.

They Are Easier to Clean

Ceramic braces are easier to keep clean than metal ones, as they do not trap food particles like traditional braces. This can reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

One of the best ways to clean your ceramic braces is by flossing regularly. This will help remove food particles and bacteria between teeth and around brackets, keeping your mouth healthier and braces whiter.

Even with a diligent flossing regimen, you must take special care with ceramic braces. This is because they are vulnerable to staining from many foods and drinks, such as coffee, tea, wine, ketchup, mustard, and purple cabbage.

Call All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, CA, at (858) 270-4904 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Joseph Boulos and Dr. Julie Boulos to discuss whether clear braces are your best option.

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