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Tray Whitening

Do you feel comfortable with your smile? Are you eager to show your teeth when you have your picture taken? We hope the answer is yes. At All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, we want all our patients to have teeth they’re proud of. But it's natural for teeth to become a few shades darker over a lifetime of use, which is why we provide cosmetic as well as general dentistry. One of the most common cosmetic treatments is the tray whitening system, which has allowed many people to give themselves the smiles they want for special occasions.

Teeth can become stained because of a health issue or the condition in which they developed, but most of the time, external staining is just a superficial problem caused by lifestyle issues. If someone smokes or consumes a lot of dark-colored liquids, such as coffee or tea, certain molecules will get stuck in their enamel that will cause it to turn a yellow-brown color. Bleaching works by dissolving these molecules. At a dental appointment, we’ll make an impression of the patient’s mouth. The impression is used to fabricate a series of disposable trays that are filled with whitening bleach and worn for a set period of time each day.

Depending on the patient’s goals, they’ll need to wear the trays for differing lengths of time over a stretch of weeks. However, at the end of the process, their teeth will usually be four to eight shades whiter. Use of whitening can cause some temporary sensitivity, but when done according to instructions, it shouldn't cause damage. A person’s teeth may stain again if they continue to consume dark beverages or smoke, but most people find that the effects of tray whitening can last for over a year, and the process is easy to do touch-ups on.

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